finally got around -partly because of lack of better options- to open my vlogging space.

Just to keep the expectations low enough, just about everything went wrong with the video shoot:

  • the focus was off
  • the topic was not the easiest to cover (the unfamiliar terminology, coining the findings etc.)
  • eventually also the battery went flat on me just as I was starting to wrap things up.

After draining the battery, it started to rain so the window of opportunity was closed. At least it cannot get any worse than this!

..btw -haha-, I got also a threatened of getting shot because of trespassing even if it’s a public space.

Finland, I know our chips are down, but really?

..anyhow, grab your pop corns and enjoy the show:

Below you can get a bit of taste of both of the assignments mentioned in the video above.

Thumbnails on some family shots
Thumbnails on some family shots
Insplan mugshots
Insplan mugshots

Winning? Garbage more likely? I would love to hear your comments!

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