A seminar on digitization in travel industry at Helsinki Travel Expo witnessed The Friday Training Day program pilot with me teaming up with the good people, Henrik and Riku, of digital marketing agency Don&Branco.

All in all, and probably not surprising anyone, traditional travel industry is wondering how to deal with the turmoil of digital disruption – just like the rest of the world for that matter. Generally, the industry itself has been growing steady over the last years despite the global financial plight, but for example sharing economy (Airbnb namely), DIY travelers (Note! not tourists anymore!) are setting new rules on how the game is being played.

During the recent few years, mobile has had got to be one of the most used buzzwords in business talk and travel industry jazz makes no difference what so ever. More and more services are being booked via mobile devices. In fact, mobile booking numbers seem to be almost reaching parity with desktop activity already this year. This naturally poses new challenges to website design, both from design but also content perspective. The current trends of people looking for personalized brand service and also authenticity bring their own spice to the mix.

For some of you Finns, this might hit you in a tender spot (but I think we as a nation have to face to music): as much as Nokia still puts a dim sparkle in our nostalgic teary eyes, in mobile services (the Finns) we’re considered to be 2-3 years behind our beloved western neighbors, the Swedes! Some of you might have known this for years, but yes, maybe all those corporate Lumia phones have held us hostage for not keeping up with our time (this is obviously not the only reason though).

After the seminar with doors also opening to the public, Don&Branco hit the show floor to see what the expo itself was about and also maybe hunt down a couple of leads on the way. Three smart looking guys, all wearing bow ties, made such an impact strolling down one the main isles that we basically stumbled upon one prospect so eager to do business with D&B, he came later reminding us to contact him immediately. After lunch, also with a bit more ground work under the belt, some more tactical actions took place yet again delivering promising results. I was happy to find myself being able offer specific insight to the equation maybe giving that little bit of extra edge to gain traction.

In general, I learned a whole heap of new things getting prepared and also during the day. I was also able to find some discomfort where to push myself to build strength. Not a bad start for the program – not bad at all. Thank you Don&Branco for the day, see you next time!

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Don&Branco live ‘n uncut

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