During the last couple of weeks I have had clear objective to hammer that last nail to the coffin to some of my 97%-done-projects. And that’s what I have done. Last night I soldered the final missing wirings to my DIY Ozone Generator (you will hear about this from either my upcoming apprenticeship with Autosola or the just by making a local newspaper headlines). I also made another prototype of a “pocket reel” (..a little something like this, but obviously better! -haha..). This project too had been lying around on the sketch board for.. -eh, too long time. As the ice clears away from the shores of Helsinki, you can be sure to find some more stuff about the revolution of fishing here at my site.

Altogether, working really hard on getting rid of your backlog is dangerous, because you might end up clearing your desk entirely, with only ideas of prospects left on your hands.  After having launched my own website, however, this is now never the case. There is always stuff to do. Either enhance site features and design or create new content. The latter seems to fuel the world nowadays and this makes sense; we have all these mediums of communication at our disposal and you have deliver something relentlessly to keep the bandwidth occupied.

Related also to my own website, I met up with Noona once more to go through some thoughts on a small research assignment they had given me. This one had me take a plunge in search engine optimization (SEO). In short -and as probably most of you know this already- it is truly a world of it’s own.

All in all, SEO is not necessarily difficult to comprehend, but there too harvesting gold requires resources; dedication, money, active administration. Also, there is not a single best practice how to deal with questions of SEO as eventually everything has got to do with everything. Getting  to the bottom of SEO, the trail of bread crumbs tends to lead to some of the fundamental questions (eg. Who are your customers and what do they want?). Some basic principles seem to apply though around domain and header naming conventions and this is good to keep in mind while creating content.

Having  ended my meeting with Pasi at Noona, I received a tempting lunch offer from the usual suspects, the merry society of Don&Branco. After lunch, I ended up fiddling around with my site at their office lounge chairs and sharpening my saw chain. Soul, Soup and Sites – delivered by D&B salvation army. This time the office was busy and a lot of hustle and bustle. A lot of people also stayed for some after work drinks a the office. A social phenomenon by the way that had become totally non existent for me during the last couple of years. There was some mingling, some working too, discussing over individual ideas and some higher level strategic incentives etc. People didn’t seem to stay because of obligation, people stayed because of joy, passion for work and  ambition.

Hank and Ukko working hard for the man.
Hank and Ukko  (the dog on a twirl next to him) working hard for the man.

All in all, reflecting on my initial expectations on how things would work out with this whole internship idea, the first three weeks have proven once more that with new concepts you never really know what you are going to get eventually. Contrary to some expectations, it’s not just about suiting up on Friday and then working 9-2-5. Instead you quite easily end up working or just working on solutions all your “free” time and trying to find new angles to look at familiar things. But then again it is not just routine dominated work at the assembly line, it mixes up with fun and play.

Call it creative incubation or whatever you want, but this current working arrangement seems to work for me as I appear to also have fresh ideas to my bread-and-butter work too. Right now it feels -within the premises of known and reasonable possibilities- that I wouldn’t have my days organized any other way. Looking forward to next week!

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