Yet another Friday, my feet firmly on their typical stride and heading towards the next challenge. Even if my real daytime work at the bank had provided me with more than usual amount of thrills and excitement, I had been really looking forward to the pinnacle moment of the week: a meeting with a start up company on a mission to fight a good cause. It was a nice crisp and clear morning, so I decided to take a long walk along the lovely waterline of Helsinki, all the way from Kalasatama to Hietalahti listening to ever so amusing Jari Sarasvuo’s podcast on innovation.

As this particular training day meeting was serious business and not just happy camping on lush fairgrounds (see report on Travel Expo Seminar): breast cancer. Yes, you heard me right -that bastard of a disease that lurks within and chooses his victims without a justification of any sort. The number of breast cancer patients is expected to grow in significant numbers (50% by 2030, as I learned today), so don’t expect this topic to fade away without a scientific breakthrough in prevention and cure. (keeping my fingers crossed)

My host for the morning was a roughly 2-year-old start up comet Noona Healthcare working on a solution to develop better breast cancer treatment. Navigating on not entirely blue ocean, but from what I know, still see-thru-clear waters of emerging market with unfortunately good growth potential, Noona (Korean for big sister or older sister btw -a name that really oozes comfort, doesn’t it?) has harvested a heap of rewards not to be passed in nonchalance (take Slush 2015 eHealt award for example). Getting some coffee before our meeting, the Chairman of the Board, Jani Ahonala could not get his cup filled without having to listen to  playful remarks from the some of the other team members on wearing a tie for yet another prize ceremony taking place in the evening. It’s easy to sing while you are winning.

Passing through their modern office with surprisingly edgy music (some Ghostface maybe?) playing gently in the background, we made our way to relaxed meeting room to touch base on what I could possibly offer with my time and skills. Within one hour I was being briefed to take on a interesting nut to crack. Once again being pushed outside my comfort zone, yet most likely nothing I couldn’t get by with a little help from my friends. In more specific the assignment was domain name and search engine optimization. Even a half wit person knows that when expecting excellent results, this area is to be dealt with professional skill set. On the other hand, maybe I could do something to give them a push towards a right direction. Maybe this could also help me with my own web site. Win-win at sight, no doubt!

Leaving their office, I decided to pop by at Don&Branco just around the corner. Having Henrik and Matti there to welcome me with open arms and additionally being offered a fresh peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie, size of a normal dinner plate and baked by none other than Eva herself.

DB_Guitar    DB_coasters

Photos above: random picks from D&B HQ -gotta love the coasters!

For a while it felt like a nomad had finally found home. Spending at least 36 seconds in this , I realized, I had no time to monkey around. I had still another training day commitment agreed for the afternoon. Stomach happy and pockets full of good advice how to tackle the tough nut from the morning meeting I headed towards my next assignment of the day.