Not your typical client, but what a charmer! Ladies (still also in your diapers) be aware of this casanova.

Rushing my way back from the meeting in the morning to grab some lunch (yes, trainees gotta eat too!) and head towards the studio,I had no idea how to pull this one off. I was not familiar with the equipment I had planned to use and was totally clueless on how to get a toddler to cooperate with me in front of a camera. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you, leaves you bleeding.

Sometimes lady fortuna is on your side and things just work. Not understanding every single feature of a soft box I managed to get a pair of them (some of you might have figured this out already from the picture above) working as slaves for my own primary flash (not sure, if the terms are correct, so please excuse my ignorance!).

What appeared to be a possible washout, turned out to be a fun 1 hour intensive experiment, most likely a fluke. The male model and myself were totally knackered after the shoot. This one could have gone a lot worse!


It was nice working with you buddy! I am sure Milan will greet you like you were born to strike a pose – just say so and we’ll go.