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Below you can find some entries on kitchen psychology at its best! If you got something, you want to share with me or you would like me to discuss please drop a comment and/or a link in the form at the bottom of the page!

12.08.2016 A firm leader? Think again and learn how to embrace uncertainty

28.04.2016 The surprising relation of compassion and performance at work

28.04.2016 Why on earth did I just say Red Hammer? – an introduction to ego depletion.

26.04.2016 Work, Virtually Possible

27.03.2016 Can you really get Bored to death?

07.03.2016: Coping with addiction– the beast inside us

26.02.2016: Dirt poor – why we should get a little dirty sometimes

18.02.2016: Clouds on top of your legacy – are you holding on too tight to your past?

12.02.2016: Some thoughts on digitalization – Believe me, I tried to resist.

11.02.2016: Why I don’t follow the news anymore -yes, why on earth wouldn’t I do that?

02.02.2016: The Name Game – my 5 cents on names

28.01.2016: Gear up your sales · How to create a winning sales culture? (Jonas Kjellberg, Keynote at Digital Business Day 2016)

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