Stress – a king medical umbrella approximation of them all. More harmful than life, more reaching than death and as difficult to control than a Heffalump on cocaine.

Guess what, the darkness of stress dominated Middle Age might just be over giving way for the light of Renaissance as Moodmetric is here! To sort out our plight, they have forged us in the depths and blazing fires of Mt. Techmore the true lord of the rings – the one to conquer them all.

No, don’t be mistaken to regard it as another lifelogging device, this one is something more fundamental. This is response to the prayers for us who have been struck down on our knees so bad in the final frontiers of resilience that we had to crawl back years to be operational again. This is the tool for those daring to look in the mirror and fight not to leave even if they don’t like what they see, because the popular quick fixes do not offer hope neither humor anymore.

Again, if you think this is yet another heart monitor, activity bracelet, or magical ametist moodring, giving this ring a chance you are in for a surprise.

I was privileged to take a FTD glimpse into a day at Moodmetric. Let the poor-to-mediocre attempt to capture the essence of the day in a video speak for itself. Warning: Video contains harsh imagery and self promotion.

Finally I see a clear guiding light to the dark places within me that are the most difficult to manage; me. I see a sustainable solution to gain control over many different types of condition that were previously measurable only in lab conditions (and therefore also totally useless in real life too): autoimmune disease treatment, chronic inflammation relief, cortisol control, and maybe even unexplained infertility. I see also maybe a bit of fun giving my friends a lie detecting test to spot the psychopaths. I see hope.

Thank you Niina Venho and Henna Salonius for a one-of-a-kind FTD, but also strengthening my hope for better!

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