This special section on my site is not a pop up but a poop up section reserved for an experiment how to take the inflammatory bowel disease (IDB) in control that took me over some ten years back. While during all these years I have got used to all what it has to offer as a companion and honestly a good reminder about taking care of oneself, the way it consumes me and the risks it seems to pose, we are simply done. IDB, you are dismissed.

What I am about to pursue is as reasonably extensive human experiment as possible. This experiment is not a scientific study by any means, as instead of controlling a single on/off -knob, I am in all honesty somewhat violently pulling maybe a good dozen of delicate levers. I base my choices on a relatively wide range yet random nuggets of possibly relevant information, such as the Briggs Protocol. Let it be known also that I am too lazy to read absolutely everything what could be related to my condition. Instead of getting buried in theory, believe more in the power of doing.

The experiment consists of 8 weeks of a being strapped to a multitude of devices 24h per day. Within this 8 weeks of intensive measurement, I will follow a program including gradually increasing amounts of meditation and coupled with optimal nutrition.

What I am expecting to see, is decreased symptoms of inflammation but also better sleeping (quality and quantity!). However, my assumption is that these 8 weeks will not suffice to reach the desired balance – it will more likely take something between 6 months and a year or maybe even my whole lifetime. What I am hoping to get, is a clear win from the first round and some positive feedback that I am on the right course.

Having gone through a thorough set of medical examinations recently and discussed my health issues with a handful of medical professionals, this mini-series of blogs is also about me being fed up with the darker side of western medical practice of stagnated, condescending, well/ill-bipolar, drug oriented attitude towards health and endless complexity of human body and spirit. More wrath and rant to come!

I owe big thanks to MoodMetric firstly for letting me use their stress management ring and thereby giving me the thrust of inspiration to take on this challenge. Secondly, I thank them and Henna Salonius in particular for their support and expertise in stress management.

Please check the links below for more about on my case and also the weekly reports!

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