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I decided to utilize some flexible work arrangements at work to squeeze the working hours of five days into four, leaving the final working day of the week available for what fuels us professional amateurs: getting into new ventures and thereby also naturally learning new stuff.

Having passed a couple of chicanes along the way, professionally I have ended up working mostly with IT systems (SAP and lately Microsoft products mainly) during the last ten years or so with a healthy portion of miscellaneous side orders dealing with for example data quality and also all kind of administration (projects, leading teams). Currently my title at work is Digitization Coordinator, so go figure then and try to put a label on me. Further details in my CV.

In my personal life I cannot recollect a time period with a total absence of some kind of random project or study on going in the lab. Last week I decided to build an ozone generator (oh, never mind the purpose..) and now among other things obviously some WordPress.  Yes, I do like to tinker, but I think the essence lies within the premise of problem solving and continuous leaning (and learning).

Having been exposed to a whole variety of situations in my life -eg. trying to fire up a sauna with Ozzy Osborne, I think I pack a pretty decent toolkit to handle even the most pressing moments.

I like to expose myself to the unknown and express myself in all kinds of ways from writing to singing and even dancing (-can you believe this from a Finnish man!). I have done enough photography to appreciate the difficulty but also power of capturing the decisive moment. If there would be an academy for lluomo universale, I would most certainly apply.

If not clearly indicated yet, I am offering myself to you and/or your companies purposes one day a week in exchange for a possibility to learn something new. If you find this offer intriguing, please leave your contact details below or look me up otherwise and we’ll see if there is something to be done for our mutual benefit.

You can either look up my current bookings or just shoot me an email to me@artopennanen.com.

We appreciate your business!