Organizing the production
Organizing the content production

The constant theme of the Friday Training Days (TM someday perhaps?) seems to be that they hardly ever give live up to their expectations. Nevertheless, the hand full of training days have never disappointed me though, they just turn out different.

Initially I was supposed to spend the afternoon with a good friend of mine, who is the CFO at Puuilo, but basically solved some of the problems up front, we were supposed to get down and dirty with on my actual training day. My host budged over an important meeting and we agreed to reschedule.

The morning agenda held though as I had promised to go to Fujitsu with my central banker hat on, for a breakfast session discussing cloud services (O365 and Cloud PBX). This was sort of an intentional left handed hip shot, not even aiming for the bulls eye. In Finland, whenever you get yourself into a certain area of expertise, you quite soon come to realize the restricted amount of players on the pitch. The subject matter experts might hop from one company to another, but typically same faces remain when it comes to gathering around a certain subject itself.

All in all, I find it interesting to sneak in as an outsider and just observe the dynamics of the group. All those worn out business one liners, side remarks and familiarity spells to me as social capital, sort of an internal hard currency of this particular group. Obviously, I am also looking for talent and inspiring characters, getting into a conversation with an expert over a topic I am less familiar with, and try to learn something new from the event altogether.

The eyeopener of the day however, was still probably the commute to the morning event. Crowded morning buses, trains, and all that hustle and bustle. It made me really appreciate once again the possibility to walk to work. Maybe because of the days agenda on communication tools (Skype etc.), all that kinetic energy involved just to ensure physical presence (note, no guarantee still for mental presence!) just does not make sense. All in all, I saw so much waste (Lean), that it made me sick. More about this maybe a little later on in some of my blogs.

Having returned from the morning session, the rest of the day I spent basically writing about digitalization – a topic that admittedly causes mostly frustration within me. As a skeptic, my initial fears of it turning out to be another fad when it comes to waking us up from the hibernation of comfort seems to  be true. Instead of real, actual, and fundamental change it seems to just produce a lot of self explaining talk – the kind of discussion makes me want to turn away from the news.

Generally and throughout the last week, I have been trying to establish more organized approach and create a strategy regarding this social entrepreneurship of creating presence in the web. Having come to terms with the rules of this blog game there are a lot of open questions in the air, like

What do I want to achieve with my social presence in the web?

How far am I willing to go and make a number of myself to make a sale?

Appropriate alter ego or real me? What to discuss openly? Where to draw the line of personal business?

Should I stay true to myself and write about the stuff that I want in the tone that I want or go pop for some cheap kicks?

It’s not like there are not enough bloggers already so who cares about this anyhow? Is this an effective use of time?

How to maximize quality and impact with optimal resources?

All you “Bloggers” (damnit, this one is a diffult to swallow for me – calling myself one too) probably know this business.

Fortunately, in the evening we got together with bunch of guys to go to sauna, eat and take some brews. Talking to an entrepreneur friend of mine Timo Sorri, the CEO of Havain about these things shed some hope on sticking to the knitting for a longer haul.

You don’t become a good writer by accident. There is no easy way out, no quick win. I realized this also by looking for some photos from my archives through the years to be used as illustration to my site.  Still not knowing too much about good photography, I was able to see  clear progress. I learn when I do. 365-project appeared to be the clear apex of the learning curve. There is no magic in it, it is about putting in the hours.

Mental note:

Excellence and becoming legendary is not about making a hand full of sprints, it is a question of persistence and consistency.

No time to waste. I better get to work.